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Assistant Director of Engineering - New York City

PLEASE READ THIS SNAPHIRE DEMO job description. In a live careers site you would obviously expect to find a well formatted job advertisement text here. But since this is a demo site we will take this opportunity to list the features delivered in SnapHire powered careers sites.


SnapHire powered careers sites are branded to fit seamlessly inside your corporate web site. All of your corporate header, footer and left & right side menus are included in all SnapHire pages and, other than the URL, your snaphire careers site will look identical to your own corporate site. Snaphire uses proprietary technology to clone banners, logo, fonts and generally all branding directly from your live corporate site. We do this at no additional charge, as frequently as necessary, and with no technical intervention on your part. Your IT team need only reference the Careers site URL we provide – presumably from the “Careers” menu – from your corporate web site.


SnapHire Career sites also include a content management system (CMS) that provides HR/marketing with the power to directly change ALL careers site content, including job descriptions, locations, departments, all search criteria, and all static content (benefits, testimonials etc) instantly and without programming. Also coming soon – Google maps support – especially useful if you have many properties or store locations.


All too often applicants apply to the wrong job simply because they haven’t read the job description or fully understood the nature of the job. Full time applicants may apply to Volunteer, Intern or Graduate positions or vice-versa. In retail and hospitality, corporate, distribution, store and property applicants can easily become disoriented (or trigger-happy!) and make inappropriate applications, wasting everyone’s time, unless these jobs are grouped under distinct careers portals. Each portal has its own URL, and its own static content, even including separate testimonials, benefits etc.


Advertising job listings can be expensive and difficult to track. SnapHire streamlines ad requisition and application processes and reduces advertising spend to an absolute minimum. Management reports provide up to the minute analysis of web site traffic compared with online, print, agency and TV advertising spend, tracked down to individual media outlets.

Snaphire supports comprehensive advertising strategies:

  • Post to job board. Supports multiple ads per job with tracked URL links back from each job board.
  • Multi-position tracking. Allows a single ad to feed multiple-position hiring. Under & over hires are tracked in management reports. Useful for one-off hiring of multiple positions – e.g. in a hotel opening.
  • Pipeline (evergreen) hiring. An essential tool when continuously hiring into select (e.g. store sales associate) positions. Post your ad once and let SnapHire route applicants to the correct store/property hiring manager and eradicate screening duplication. This tool enables you to fine-tune your ad spend by, for example, opting for non-expiring job slots for high-volume positions reducing both costs and overhead associated with the management of high volumes of identical jobs.
  • No apply jobs. There are often occasions when you may want to advertise a job yet disable the online apply function, for instance you may wish to refer applicants to a third party screening service or agency.
  • Post to recruiting agency. SnapHire provides you all the tools necessary to track jobs & applications against your agency contracts. Your approved agencies are provided their own log in and interface to submit candidates, each tracked to minimize agency payments according to your contractual agreements.
  • Employee referrals. SnapHire provides comprehensive referral tracking and employee referral payment reporting.
  • Internal job posting. Post jobs internally to be accessed by employees via your intranet for a specified days, after which they are automatically posted externally.
  • Automatically post jobs to select job boards. SnapHire automatically posts all jobs to select advertising destinations such as Indeed.com, HCareers.com. This service is provided at no additional charge for many select national and niche job boards, or at an additional charge if a 3rd party distribution service is required.
  • Email job notifications. Last but by no means least, SnapHire provides a comprehensive notification mechanism provided at no additional per email transaction charge that emails new job opportunities to your own talent database based upon job seekers registered profile. SnapHire has a track-record of generating 20-35% of hires based upon these (tracked) notifications, with all of the subsequent advertising cost reductions.


SnapHire support numerous levels of screening questions. All question types are supported (e.g. text, multi-choice, multiple-selection, disclaimer) and each may be validated and scored. Multiple question pages can be created and questions can be made mandatory:

  • Candidate Registration Questions. Normally application form questions, these are asked once of each candidate regardless of how many applications they make. SnapHire support any number of application forms, each custom built and attached to each job e.g.:
    • Paid Staff Application Form
    • Volunteer Application Form
    • Graduate Application Form
    • Short Application form etc
  • Job specific questions. E.G. List certifications or attach supporting documents such as cover letter or portfolio
  • Default job questions Can be defaulted onto every job, or questions can be selected from a library
  • EEO & legislatively required questions Answers to these questions are collected for statistical purposes but are not made available to recruiters and managers so as to avoid discrimination.


You can elect to make certain job categories (e.g. location, department etc) quick search menus on the left-side of the careers page. Click on advanced search to see all searchable categories.


Candidates click “My details” to view their current applications, answers to questions etc. They can update their password, contact and all other details, and can choose to withdraw their applications.


Candidates can elect to receive email notification of future jobs that match their profile preferences and can elect to keep their information private. For international implementations SnapHire supports national and international data privacy rules to limit access to candidate data only to authorized recruiting teams according to property location.

Job Details

Reference # 3050
Posted on 14 Aug 2009
Closes on
Location(s) New York City
Department Human Resources
Career level Management (supervisor)
Hours/Status Full-time
More details (document)
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