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Why work for us?

We believe in development, open communication, fair play and a real sense of community. In this organization we foster team spirit and look after our staff on a day to day basis as well as rewarding them for a job well done. That's why we offer competitive salaries, flexible annual leave, a great staff well being program and additional training and development courses and mentoring to help get you where you want to go. That's because we think in the right environment the best can become better!

Employee Value Proposition:

  1. We're Ambitious and Team Oriented: We aim to exceed targets. We push ourselves to provide the best and utilize our combined skills for better results.
  2. We're customer centric: Our customers are our future. We will strive to surpass their expectations in service by providing great quality and value-for-money.
  3. We're innovative and forward thinking: in order to grow as an organization we like to think about the future, we invest in strategic planning and employee development for a better tomorrow.

Staff Benefits

Your job should suit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

We're always working to improve our workplace policies so that our staffs are happy and motivated at work. Talk to our friendly recruiting team today about how our jobs work for you!

  • competitive salaries

    Competitive salaries

    The remuneration philosophy here is to ensure that all employees are paid equitably in line with the market. We also like to incentivize top work, therefore we examine your performance and skill development every six months with a formal employee review. As a successful organization, we also allow staff to become company shareholders in order to further increase your motivation to support our organisation.

  • Annual leave

    Annual leave

    Here at our company, we are firm believers in encouraging a work life balance. That's why we provide flexible leave to tie in with personal commitments and offer additional periods of unpaid leave upon request so you can take some extra time out to rest and relax.

  •  Health checks

    Staff Wellbeing Program

    Complete Works place a high value on staff wellbeing. We encourage healthy living by providing:

    1. Free flu vaccinations to all our staff each year.
    2. Complimentary health checks twice a year, conducted by an independent health professional, needless to say all results are confidential. We also approve time off for medical or dental checks.
    3. We also have company sporting teams if you decide you would like to play soccer, rugby or netball. We also encourage the development of new teams if you have a special interest in a certain sport!
    4. Complete Works subsidizes gym memberships and race event entry fees so if you choose to you can train and compete against you co-workers in community sporting events.
    5. Comprehensive Health and Safety procedures for all our workplace environments.
    6. Fifteen additional days of sick leave a year over and above those provided for by law, at the manager's discretion.
    7. Finally, as a large organization we have schemes to ensure our employees get good health insurance schemes should they choose to do so.
  • Training and development

    Training and development

    Given the right direction everyone has the chance to enhance his or her skill base. At this company, we're committed at giving you a chance to grow and develop with us. We do this by encouraging and investing in growth opportunities. Whether you are looking to up-skill in a work specific area such as management training, improve your team, organizational and time management skills or gain further qualifications to help you on your working way we aim every day to support our staff in their drive for success.

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